Like The Vermouth in The Back of The Cabinet, poetry by George Gad Economou at

Like The Vermouth in The Back of The Cabinet

Like The Vermouth in The Back of The Cabinet

written by: George Gad Economou


like the vermouth in the back of the cabinet,
no one wants to touch it bar a few brave brazen souls;

your lips forbidden fruit, they all dance around tequila and vodka,

the safe options. vermouth remains untouched, sans when wet martinis
are required.

down by the far end island of the dive, all alone,
just like that lonesome bottle in the corner of the middle shelf.

all around wild dances with the same old partners; Jim and Jack,
and Jose and the great Captain.

it’s alright, the vermouth (and you) say silently; one day, one fine day,

the burning soul shall walk into the goddamn dive. someone will
saunter in, go straight for what no one approaches.

it’s always the vermouth’s great hope—where’s the soul that’ll sink it
down like there’s no tomorrow and not just because there’re no
other bottles available?

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