A Rhyme Sublime a poem by Kenneth Vincent Walker at Spillwords.com

A Rhyme Sublime

A Rhyme Sublime

written by: Kenneth Vincent Walker


So why oh why do you
Then gravitate to rhyme?
Why not just say what
You feel directly, and
Quit wasting your time?

Why cling to that which
Is archaic and passe at
Best, and simply follow
The well beaten pathway
Laid down by the rest?

For it is rhyme who calls
Out to me so lovely, and
Has comforted me, and
Has completely suffused
This my cavernous chest.

Rhyme leads me to where
No others will dare to go,
And holds my hand, and is
My guiding light unto many
New worlds yet unknown.

For where rhyme leads me
I will follow, and I am at her
Beckoned call. For without
Her I am hollow, and have
Little to no purpose at all.

So hollowed be thy rhyme,
Glorious, and divine. For
There is a rhyme for every
Occasion, and each occasion
May be befitting of a little

Bloodletting with a dash of
Panache in a rhyme sublime.

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