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written by: L.M.Giannone



Peddler, what have you in your cart of wares
Something I can use, something you can share
I’m not feeling too well, I need a remedy
Have you an antidote, a pill for what ails me
Peddler, I’m in so need of a fixer
Have you a potion, a cure, or elixir
You see, Mr. Peddler, there’s a fire ‘neath my hips
Yearning desire to taste his warm, sweet lips
My appetite is hungry, my body aches
I need an intervention before my heart breaks
I know what’ll happen I’ve been here before
And I don’t desire to be hurt any more
So please, Mr. Peddler, won’t you hear to my plea
Consider my case, and please help me



L. M. Giannone is a writer and poet living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally from Southern Connecticut, Lisa transplanted herself in California to escape the harsh winters and summers of New England.
She is the author of No Vacancy, a collection of humorous personal essays, and A Touch of Noir, a collection of short stories written in noir style. She has two books in the works for 2017 publication.

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