The Pear Garden, a poem written by Cindy Medina at

The Pear Garden

The Pear Garden

written by: Cindy Medina



faint ting ting ting
bronze eave bells ring
beloved dance and sing
in rainy cool spring
pear blossoms beauty bring

as rain clouds part
she mimics Nature’s art
rainbow colors swiftly dart
giving onlookers a start
jeweled enchantment to impart

this our budding paradise!

before a dragon mural
smile like gleaming pearl
hair adorned with beryl
her rainbow garment awhirl
merry musical notes aswirl

flute and pipa play
rousing tunes all day
in sunshine or gray
troubles kept at bay
frivolity our joyous way

this our leafy paradise!

pears and peonies kissed
by dawn’s vermilion mist
sleeping soundly after tryst
silken sheets happily twist
ignoring Mandarin call list

auspicious star sheds beam
on clever playful dream
‘Sire – the loosening seam!’
life’s finely flowing stream
‘Sire – the souring cream!’

this our fruited paradise

moon fairy’s graceful dance
and lovely painted glance
instantly charm and entrance
sets Dragon heart a-prance
‘Sire – spear and lance!’

winter comes to paradise
roll of gaming dice
officer’s warning ignored twice
pear tea, savory rice
A Lushan’s hidden vice

this our fading paradise



This poem concerns Emperor Xuanzong, his beloved consort Yang Guifei, and the treacherous An Lushan of Tang Dynasty, China.

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