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written by: Magdalena Podobińska


One summer morning
Still yawning
She jumped out of bed
Just like a Morning bird
and she ran to the meadow
So quickly I only saw her shadow
she flew there as if she had wings
that’s how the story begins
Our little daughter
Our happiness
I couldn’t say it better
Natalia, our princess

She went there
to collect some flowers
for her dear parents
jumping joyfully
running gracefully
through the grass
she was all smiles
trying to catch the sun
reaching very high
she managed to
grab some sunbeams
now the bouquet is glittering

One summer morning
I was drinking chamomile tea
instead of coffee
Still yawning
I was peeking into the meadow
which is below
Looking at my little sunshine
Our little daughter, Natalia
She was jumping
Chasing butterflies
Singing and flying
Collecting flowers
Running through tall grass
forget me nots with golden eyes
Pyrethrums and buttercups
And through sunbeams

When she finally returned
Hardly catching her breath
She was bathed in dew
Like in some kind of perfume
She had dandelion seeds
All over her dress
She brought with her
The smell of grass
Sow-thistles and chamomiles
Daisies, cornflowers and violets
Just perfect for a wreath
to adorn her little head
She had strange hairpins and ornaments
No, wait a while
those were grasshoppers and butterflies!

One summer morning
Our child with ruddy cheeks
Came to me
With a beautiful smelling bouquet
And something else
Just happiness
That little girl is ours
and she’s like a four-leaf clover!

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