Spring Strata, poetry written by Deb Rainer at Spillwords.com

Spring Strata

Spring Strata

written by: Deb Rainer


15,000 steps states my wristband

as I take a Sunday stroll.

The scent of May blossom lingers.

Cow parsley a faint haze, fresh like a bride’s posy.

On the fringe of my memory,


half a century ago.

Plodding some Cotswold pathway to


of my grandfather’s youthful stride.

No measure of our distance

other than

a dull ache in our limbs and a slowly growing horizon.


the hedgerow smells the same.

Deb Rainer

Deb Rainer

Debbie was born in Taplow, England, and on marrying returned to live in the same village. A career changer, moving from advertising print buying to primary school teaching, writing has been a constant enthusiasm. With several diaries and blogs to her name, Debbie has some small scale publishing success that might provide the foundation of something bigger. To date, Debbie has won the short story competition in Burnham Arts Festival, with her prize presented by Sir Terry Wogan mere months before his death; a travel writing piece submitted to Navigator Paper achieved third prize and a travel voucher of significant value, enabling more world travel (another passion) to take place.
Deb Rainer

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