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The Beast

written by: Raphfael Wormge


I have to control the Beast
It owns me
I don’t own him
He lives in me
The Beast is me

I must fight hard,
Harder than most
I try many things
Most things don’t work

In a silent room he laughs
Doing something I love
The Beast shows disinterest
During hunting I have no control
I have to let him out
Driving is horrible
When he is around

The only thing that works
Has to be music
One type, no others
No rock, country,
Or even Alternative.

Just one, only one
The sweetness of violins
Only classical violins
It calms and controls
The nasty Beast
The Beast that controls me.

Raphfael Wormge

Raphfael Wormge

Chris Valentine is a budding writer and draws influence from a wide range of places and interactions. He has gotten 3rd place in both a short fiction writing contest and poetry contest. Chris most recently has also gotten his first poem published in a book.
Raphfael Wormge

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