Icy Waters, a poem written by Raphfael Wormge at Spillwords.com
Cristian Palmer

Icy Waters

Icy Waters

written by: Raphfael Wormge


As I fall downwards ever so quickly,
I struggle, fighting and clawing.
As the water crushes me’
And the further I sink:

Hook in my foot, air rushing from my lungs,
As I fight to escape this Icy Hell,
And free myself from the cold metal hook.

I look up and see the light:
Fading away to darkness
Thrashing and tearing at the rope,
Around my neck.

Water filling my lungs,
Choking, fighting, struggling,
Panicking, kicking, screaming’

In this silent Hell.
All darkness, no light, no hope.
Not giving up the fight.

Looking up again, relief hits,
Hook and ropes release,
Freeing me from the Icy Hell,
I have been serving in.

Beating my arms,
Fighting for the light.
Fluttering my legs, air rushing to my head.

Looking up, seeing light,
Becoming brighter,
Breaking the surface of the sea.

Coughing, hacking, choking,
Arms tired can’t tread water,
Slowly sinking back down,
Legs screaming losing hope.

Buoy floats by,
I reach, snatching it.
Pulling myself to rest some,

I look around,
Seeing nothing but sea and sun.
Floating on the buoy,

Looking for hope, direction, guidance,
In my sea of thoughts.

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