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A Non-Written Poem

A Non-Written Poem

written by: Jack Wolfe Frost



I’d write a poem but procrastination gets always in my way,
So I sit here on my butt, idly watching the time go away,
Crazy yes that’s me.

Perhaps I’ll (one day) get my guitar and then a song I’ll play,
But social media has to be done so I can get through the day,

My mind gets very active and sometimes it starts to think,
So I must grab my phone, immerse myself before I downward sink.
I need likes.

My neck is bent at an angle, I’m almost getting there,
To the point where default stance is always downward stare,
Ring, ring!

But time moves on and this poem I think, will not write itself,
And probably just the idea alone, will stay upon my shelf,
You never saw this.
Did you?

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