Witch’s Stew Brew written by N. K. Hasen at Spillwords.com

Witch’s Stew Brew

Witch’s Stew Brew

written by: N. K. Hasen



Toil, boil, and bubble over cauldron hot
Boil water until it’s too hot.
In go frog legs from under stone so cold
A skinned chopped rabbit is the best way to go.
Tongue of a lizard
Golden eye of cat
Don’t forget to add the deer antlers to that
A snip of a rat’s tail
A sprinkle of powdered snow
Add a pinch of fresh fairy dust
To which a stomach of snake will make it taste really good.
Add some moldy green moss,
Stale orange carrots
Stir in year old red sherry wine
Take a quick sip, it’s almost there.
Add in feather of hawk
Wool of bat, and scale of dragon
Bring down to a simmer
Continuing stirring,
One minute, two minute, three minutes wait
Now the strew brew it ready to eat.

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