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written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


I read and find your request intriguing
you ask for bizarre tales for your book
and I’m cheerfully ecstatic and disposed
to send you a particularly special poem
in which you will find yourself taking center stage.

I know you and your dreams
I will send you what you’re due
but first I must prepare
to dare to feed your need.

You will be the story
for you will make a great hero
of this tale of gut wrenching woe
this eerie tale will be well-calculated
to keep you locked in your room
locked and barred, awash in a sea of dread and gloom
It will be a great test of my surgical skills
you will be the focus of this narrative!

I foresee the focal point for this body slicing tale
the extinguishing of your life
all in gruesome detail it will be the rage
because it will be you!

You will love it!
I can’t wait to begin my plan
all with your perfect body in mind
look for me in your imaginings, as
they turn from fancy dreams to bloody screams

At some time in the darkest of nights unbeknownst to you
I will come to your bed in all my glory
hauling my tools of pain to butcher and dismember your body
I will give release to my sadistic side

I will create your desired perfect tale of horror,
bit by bit, piece by surgically-removed piece
it will be the bizarre account you have been asking for
and it will be perfection

My goal will be to give you a great show
with a bloody exhibition of how
to slowly extinguish a life
all in its gruesome detail.

I will tape it
so everyone can see how carefully and deliciously
I prepare your individual guts, cook and eat them
I’ll bet you’re real tasty

It will be you and only you
you will love it!
I can’t wait to execute my plan
exclusively with you in mind

Wait for me in your dreams
as they turn to gory nightmares
when sometime on the darkest of nights
I will crawl into your mind

and create my masterpiece —

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