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written by: Ana Silva



A river cleans down the dust on my cheeks,
Tears rolling from stems of exhaustion
Belonging to a little tree that has grown
Out of a seed of compassion.

I planted it on my heart
But some stems reached out too far,
Tickling my brain differently in every season
So I end up frustrated for no reason.

My blurred vision and uneasy breath
Force me to remember hard work pays off,
But if I keep pushing I’ll end up pushing too far,
And if I break my own limits how can I still do it
Whilst inside I own million pieces of me apart?

Ana Silva

Ana Silva

Ana Silva is passionate about books and music, holds a strong belief for love and has a tender appreciation for chocolate. She finds solace in her writing and her works are inspired by life experiences as much as fiction wise.
You can easily find more about her work on her blog It Takes Courage... And Lots of Chocolate.
Ana Silva

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