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written by: J.Anne


When people fall in love, it’s like those cheesy rom-com scenes
when the world just falls away, and we swear no one’s ever felt this way before.
Suddenly, our sighs are laden with such secret importance.
Days pass by in this high-definition haze of daydreams and butterflies.
Then one day, the rose colored glasses come off, and the gloves come out.
We blind ourselves to flaws and rob others the chance of truly knowing us.
Idealizing, acting the part, carefully calculating our laughs, looks and smiles.
The dating game goes on and on, spinning like an emotional Wheel of Fortune,
but none of the contestants passing through that rotating door ever wins.
You see, we hype ourselves up with Tumblr posts, and quotes, and relationship rules.
We wear our significant others with pride, like the latest overpriced fashions and trends.
Except… It doesn’t really cost us anything. Does it?

I deserve.
I want.
I take.
We treat people like drive-thru menus only to kick ourselves when the lives behind our imaginary white picket fences, don’t quite hold up under the magnifying glass.
Lashing out through social media, we’re so unappreciated, so tragically misunderstood…
We trade people in like leased cars, like they’re missing some feature we’re getting cheated out of.
Information era conundrum. Over stimulation, all our wildest dreams on demand, at the push of a button. Passed the free love of the hippies, generation of the humming bird.
Jumping from flower to flower, more educated than ever, but still hyper-hormonal.
Only now, instead of a sexual revolution, we dub ourselves liberated while we fasten the chains on our own ankles. No better than animals, emotional terrorists, we hit it then quit it, when things start getting difficult. See society bought stock in a new human trade, this consumerism of intimacy. Doesn’t matter the quality, just the quantity. Supply and demand. See, our evolution and dependence on technology is slowly robbing what’s left of our humanity…
but we can choose to take a stand.

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