On Hudnall Common, poetry by Julian Mann at Spillwords.com
David Clarke

On Hudnall Common

On Hudnall Common

written by: Julian Mann


Before now,
I did not understand
The moon was alone.

But all evening I have been standing in heavy grasses
That patiently soak my thin shoes,
Shadows move quickly
Across the surface.

Deer of the moon,
Your brothers are the dark heaven-praising
Branches of groves
That graze commons;
And when they run in they
Become forest.

It is dusk fear: Whatever I bring,
Trailing into this meadow
From settled places.
I look down,
Everything is washed in it.

And the last that the dark sees
Is a thrush’s face.

Even that is nothing.

Now I draw to my face the sweet white
Wool sweater,
When I lost so many springs ago
A nest of your hair, making me weep,
In a secret garden.

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