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Summer Under Stars

written by: DedHedpoet



We had our
Summer under the stars
Long hot days and
Lazy afternoons

Sultry evenings
Turned into moon
Melting nights during
That summer under stars

Remembering how you glistened
With sun tossed hair
Sweat rolling down
Your coffee soaked skin

How beautiful you were
To me in those forgotten
Mornings we shared
The days of lost bliss
The taste of your kiss

I learned what rapture meant.




Dedнedpoeт™ ιѕ Aυтнor Andrea Travιѕ. I aм a ғreelance wrιтer and poeт. I ѕтυdy poeтry and proѕe. I aм cυrrenтly worĸιng on a ғew ιdeaѕ ғor тнeмe вaѕed poeтry collecтιonѕ. My paѕѕιon ιѕ wrιтιng and I lιve тo тoυcн тнe нearтѕ oғ oтнerѕ. I ѕearcн тнe ѕoυl ғor wнaт connecтѕ υѕ all. Wнιcн I вelιeve тo вe wordѕ.

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