The African Mandate, poetry by Joshua Omeke at
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The African Mandate

The African Mandate

written by: Joshua Omeke


Across vast lands, they set their sights,
In search of enlightenment, day and night.
Through deserts and mountains, they traveled on,
Their minds ablaze, like the rising sun.

With open hearts and curious minds,
They sought the treasures that they would find.
In Timbuktu’s ancient city, they arrived,
Where knowledge thrived, and dreams survived.

But what they found, was beyond their dreams,
A wealth of wisdom, like flowing streams.
In manuscripts and scrolls, secrets unfurled,
Centuries of knowledge, changing the world.

The Greeks and Africans, a beautiful blend,
Sharing ideas, like truest friends.
In Timbuktu’s embrace, cultures entwined,
A testament to the power of humankind.

So let us remember this journey profound,
Where boundaries blurred, and understanding found.
The Greeks who came to Africa’s shore,
Leaving footprints of knowledge forevermore.

Journey to Timbuktu, a tale so grand,
Where minds united, across distant lands.
May this story inspire us to seek,
The beauty of knowledge, wherever we peek.

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