The Aged, a poem by Glynn Sinclare at
Christian Langballe

The Aged

The Aged

written by: Glynn Sinclare



Why do we feel disconnected to humanity.
The aged ask,
have we overstayed our visit on Earth.
Are we unable to communicate with humanity.

Are we in that, in between world,
not here, not there.
Waiting, lost in a space.
Ready to go, waiting on the call.

Swimming in a desolate pond,
of unattainable goals.
We lived our life, do the rounds.
What now, what next what, what.

Plans, do we have any goals.
The old live in the shadows.
then we die.
We live, work, limbo and die,

What next, are we waiting.
Waiting to cross over.
To join the light,
To be one.
To be.

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