The Chosen Ones, a poem written by Pooja Singh at

The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones

written by: Pooja Singh


The chosen ones … You and me
Stand on the two banks … On the sea
We try to sail through … Hoping to meet
The tides are high … But the direction not too sweet

This test is not a cakewalk
Only we can hear our souls talk
Gripped with fear and anger at times
We struggle to smile … Due to distant miles

With faith and hope…
With trust in love
With whispering prayers
With one step in multiple layers

Your breath gives me my life …
Your strength holds me all tight …
Your belief makes me more determined!!

I can leap and fly … To make you sing with joy
I can silence my tears … To let you free from any fears
I can envy my pleasures see your treasure
I can blind myself in stark light, to feel your happy sight!!

You and I are indeed the chosen ones …
Chosen to be tested …
Tested in strength, love, and patience …
And I know we will soon meet forever at a single station

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