Real Love, a poem written by Pooja Singh at

Real Love

Real Love

written by: Pooja Singh


Love is not a barter, it’s an emotion

Love isn’t just a bouquet of roses
It’s standing by in the worst with your closest

Love is not blind;
It’s seeing through the grey side, yet holding on tight

It’s not to not compromise, to not grudge
It’s to be an open book, baring yourself without a nudge

It’s not in the depth of gifts and dates
It’s the length of tolerance and the sharing of fate

It’s acceptance … It’s personal
It’s true and stable even in tussles

It’s not anymore about the ‘two’
This love can be lived only by a very few!!

Pooja Singh

Pooja Singh

I am Pooja .. an engineering and a MBA graduate by education. Working in a Investment bank and a mother of 2 kids (a 4 year and a 30+ year old ;)). Writing is a joy when emotions are tied deep in your soul. It helps me unwind and refresh.
Pooja Singh

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