The Cruel Kind Acts of Nature, poem by Meshack Ifada at

The Cruel Kind Acts of Nature

The Cruel Kind Acts of Nature

written by: Meshack Ifada


Seventeen years now I have trekked life, and certain of this
Thoughtfully honest, lying ahead I know wouldn’t be utmost bliss

Caring less about the challenges which has life led
Sole gifting her blessings to only the effortful head
Are the cruel kind acts of nature
Sparing no room for slackers or the immature

The path to success is demanding, not free
And dedication and determination are only what lure later glee
A seed will only sprout into a tree
If the sower only is as hardworking as the bee

And yet still come life’s limitations… challenges
But still…

Challenges are like night, they sure will end
Be clad in hope, it ought to be your best friend
Though tyrant be the fallings of rain
With time they shall surely abstain

Pursue your dreams with patience and perseverance
know, all that revolves with nature is time
And it only takes a patient soul to be conversant with her rhyme
Be calm and endure life’s puncture
With time the outcome of thy unrelenting strive shall have them in capture

Life is trying yet rewarding, these are the cruel kind acts of nature
Those who see to her act as wise
In themselves are wise
And those who scoff at her act in rage
in themselves looms abound not sage

Though I be battered by the pricking hands of reality
And my aspirations hanging lost in the torture of melancholy
I shall be ever laced with hope, my sole preference
In this and all of my ever existence

For hopelessness is never endowed in the soil of the living
Except for those who chose to mate it, in their venture of living

life’s true sense, you will only see
If only you are patient enough to see

In spite of all these tribulations, tumbles
I care less, my gaze is locked onto one thing, “last laugh”
which with doggedness, I, you shall have

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