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The Day The Christmas Trees Cried

The Day the Christmas Trees Cried

written by: Nobby66



Hans and Gerda treating their kinder,
blow on roasted chestnuts from red hot cinders.
Fairground organ pipes up carolled tunes,
Silver palmed Romany’s read the Tarot and Runes.
Fairy lights lead the way to the Festive Fayre,
mustard-onioned bratwursts steam the air.
Frothed over Bier jugs and tankards ‘Prost’ clang! **
Truck load of evil… about to go bang.
Punch-drunk shoppers all took flight
at the juggernaut’s crazy, psychopath sight.
Poor trucker from Poland minding his own
hijacked by a sicko with innocents to mow.

Generous Germans opened their doors
to refugees, the stateless, hungry and poor.
Fed, clothed, made homes for near drowners…
Hard to accept by the ‘Don’t come to our townwers.’
Have the glad handed tidings ‘Angel’ Merkel offered
to struggling arrivals from the East,
desecrated the Deutsche holiday feast?
and burnt the boats of the genuine folk,
who arrived in town without pig or poke.

Kaiser Wilhelm’s Church at the end of the street
offers sanctuary to those knocked off their feet.
While yet another City mourns and sends out a May-day,
at least a dozen souls will join Jesus, this birthday.
Many more are maimed and hurt
the Bundespolizei remain on high Red Alert.

Jolly red-nosed beardy in Berlin this night
got back on his sleigh and reigned in tight.
Even old St Nick could not utter a ‘Ho Ho Ho’
having witnessed the awful nightmare show.
Gathered his sack and with tears in his eyes
geed-up Rudolph… soared up in the sky…

The night the Christmas trees went dark and cried
a little of each of us died inside.


**Prost…’Cheers’ in German.


Dedicated to Freedom and the Citizens Of Berlin.

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