The Dreams, a poem written by Priyadarshini at
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The Dreams

The Dreams

written by: Priyadarshini


Diving into dreams, of memories long forgotten;
He slipped from the confines, of Morpheus’s restful arms.
Touching the edges, of a broken bond so burnt;
That’d once housed a flame, glorious and renown.

Racing through the clouds, like shooting stars of the night;
Creating hand in hand, the cosmic birth of dawn.
The mate of his mind, entrusted with his heart;
They’d lived as one, in the silver land beyond.

Envy and pride, stirred the anger and might;
Darkened their world, coloured in misery.
Hurtling through the air, their divinity reduced to ash;
Entrapped in mortal cage; they drifted in terror’s maze.

Across the flowing river of time and through the ages of hearts and minds;
He searched for the one, tethered to his past.
Distraught but relentless, he weathered through life;
Till he breached illusions, that broke enforced separations.

Merging together, the threads of their soul;
Layer by layer, she wove their song anew.
Fluttering in the air, they danced all night;
The stars bowed out, to the flare of their light.

Severed of wings and cursed to endure;
An eternal existence, anguished and alone.
United at last, they made a new home;
A tiny slice of heaven, away from wrath of the old.



A bibliophile at heart, Priyadarshini has completed her post-graduation in History from University of Delhi. From pouring over all the books she can get her hands on, Priyadarshini has newly transitioned into the world of writing. Her short fiction, 'The Silent Sentinel' was published in the September (2020) issue of Toasted Cheese Literary Journal. Besides a trained dancer, she is an avid blogger, penning poems and short stories at her blog Cozy Quiet Corner.

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