The Dreams, a poem written by Priyadarshini at
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The Dreams

The Dreams

written by: Priyadarshini


Diving into dreams, of memories long forgotten;
He slipped from the confines, of Morpheus’s restful arms.
Touching the edges, of a broken bond so burnt;
That’d once housed a flame, glorious and renown.

Racing through the clouds, like shooting stars of the night;
Creating hand in hand, the cosmic birth of dawn.
The mate of his mind, entrusted with his heart;
They’d lived as one, in the silver land beyond.

Envy and pride, stirred the anger and might;
Darkened their world, coloured in misery.
Hurtling through the air, their divinity reduced to ash;
Entrapped in mortal cage; they drifted in terror’s maze.

Across the flowing river of time and through the ages of hearts and minds;
He searched for the one, tethered to his past.
Distraught but relentless, he weathered through life;
Till he breached illusions, that broke enforced separations.

Merging together, the threads of their soul;
Layer by layer, she wove their song anew.
Fluttering in the air, they danced all night;
The stars bowed out, to the flare of their light.

Severed of wings and cursed to endure;
An eternal existence, anguished and alone.
United at last, they made a new home;
A tiny slice of heaven, away from wrath of the old.

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