Driver Crisis, a poem by Arthur John Smith at

Driver Crisis

Driver Crisis

written by: Arthur John Smith


Christmas cancelled? How Satanic!
Are we controlled by Isis?
No, my dear, no need to panic,
It’s just the driver crisis.

Why can’t Santa learn to drive,
And ditch that stupid sleigh?
His one day year is just a skive,
He needs to earn his pay.

The reindeer could be euthanized,
They’re such a lazy bunch,
Venison is highly prized
For a different Christmas lunch.

Santa’s stunted gnomic staff
Ought to be restrained,
They fool around too much by half,
And need to be re-trained.

Give each of them an HGV
For all those Xmas loads,
You’ll see what Santa can achieve
When the Claus Crew hit the roads.

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