Lady Liberty's Skirt - January 6, 2021, poem by Martha Annice Jackson at
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Lady Liberty’s Skirt – January 6, 2021

Lady Liberty’s Skirt

January 6, 2021

written by: Martha Annice Jackson



Eyes skirting the sky, she’s lost
Looking up for a vision, making decisions,
but not frantic
Stilted from unknown and known assaults
Life is an erratic routine of legal delights

A storm brewing and the timid are fickle
Been in a hundred-thousand storms only ten percent severe
Surrounded by vapors of unstable air
the world becomes theatrical
the bitten bitter hang on to the stage of windshear

Unglued and cleared and ready to harm
Mystified, but without hesitation,
the Lady smoothed her skirt down.
Lays back, smiles as the thunder storms
Someone’s blood is a charm on her arm.

Knew the wind was coming
Saw the temperature dropping
No routine to change
Everything is agitated, but she’s restrained
Birds sending silent tweets
Wolfs refuse to howl
Gleefully, Lady Liberty smoothed down her skirt
And smiled.

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