The D's at

The D’s

The D’s

written by: AngelFace44



Darkness, I glimpse thee
at times I should not.
You creep, then you linger
at the edge of his thoughts
for your moment, you wait
to infect and to rot.
You come, not alone
as Doubt soon appears
to question, to analyze
and instill little fears.

His happiness in jeopardy,
the light starts to dim.
Why should he bother?
He knows how it will end.
His soul, so artistic, for more it cries out
the passion inside him slowly crushed by Doubt.
Depression grabs hold, strengthening it’s grip
To resist, he did try, but now it’s too late.
The D’s found their victim, and him they do hate.

Sadly, she looks upon the face of her love.
Wanting to help, but resistance she finds.
So quietly she sits, watching him accept
he no longer has “it”, he’s done with it all.
Failure he claims, with barely a fight.
Oh how she wishes he could still see the light
She slips out the door, the canvas she does find
the swirls of paint bring good thoughts to mind.
With love she puts the painting away
His fail is her treasure, and must be kept safe.
His light is still there, though dampened this day,
will grow strength from her love, by his side she will stay.

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