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The Fighter Song

The Fighter Song

written by: Nicole Cheng



Shattered glass is everywhere,
Eggshells are here and there,
Every shard and crack tells a sad tale.
Silent screams are spread all around,
Waterfalls and raindrops are falling down,
Will I pass the test or will I fail?

The dark clouds are covering the sky,
I guess nobody will see me try
To finally come out of the closed-door.
All these years I am concealed
With scars that show and never healed,
Do I have the strength to reveal more?

All these years, I was pressured a lot,
I was forced to be somebody I am not,
There is no girl like me who is perfect.
Life is cruel and complicated,
I was badly mistreated and hated,
Am I really strong and truly worth it?

For so long, I’m stepping out of the door,
I know now that I can hold it no more,
I am no longer trapped by my many fears.
I was haunted by my own nightmares,
I was lost in a black void of nowhere,
Will they see me cry any more tears?

Finally now, I am outside of the shadows,
It’s time to leave that empty dark hollow,
Time to say goodbye to that horrified past.
Looks like there will be no more tears,
There will be no more haunted fears,
How long will this even last?

Now I’m ready to show the big world
How much I can do for a small girl,
Something that no one will ever forget.
I won’t be scared, I won’t be shy,
I just want to spread my wings and fly,
Will there be any regrets?

I will fly away without a trace,
I don’t need a mask to cover my face,
There won’t be any more rules for me.
I’ll take my time to run a thousand miles,
So everyone can see me smile,
How long will I be free?

I promise not to fall back down,
You’ll never see my tears and frown,
Time for me to be brave and stay strong.
No more hiding, no more despair,
No more bad dreams, no more nightmares,
Am I right? Or am I wrong?

This is where I stay,
I’m going nowhere, I won’t fly away,
There is no turning back.
Here, I will shine underneath the light,
The dark will be gone soon; it will be alright,
The past will be gone, fading fast.

I can be who I really am whenever I want,
I’ll be carefree, wild and nonchalant,
I’ll even loosen up with no worries.
All I know is that I’m still alive,
I have a lot of time to survive,
I’ll even find my own glory.

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