The First Cappuccino, poetry by Jessa Erandio at
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The First Cappuccino

The First Cappuccino

written by: Jessa Erandio



The aroma of the coffee
as I take a sip
reminds me of how we met
There, at the counter
as the barista called my name,
which happened to be yours too
What a game fate was playing!
Same name, same order
What are the odds?
You were thoughtful enough
to give that
first cup of cappuccino
to me
And I returned your kindness
with my sweetest smile
Right there and then,
I knew,
it was love at first sight
As I smiled, my heart also beat fast
I came back to my seat
but my eyes were still stuck on you
“Sit with me, pretty please?”
I asked wishfully
Then, it’s as if the heavens heard my plea
Suddenly, you are walking towards me
Asking if you can sit with me
It all started with coffee
and the rest is history
Months have passed
since our first coffee encounter
turned to something a lot like love
Now, I still can’t believe you’re mine
and as I sip this coffee
with you in front of me,
I can’t help but thank that “First Cappuccino”
which brought me someone as precious as you.

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