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The Girl Who Dares To Dream

written by: Kia Jones



They meant me well, I’d like to say, when they tried to plant the seed,
But my teacher’s minds were always fraught with accomplishments and needs.
Most teachers only told me, what someone else had said,
How many dare to access, the wisdom within their head?
They say to me “you must do this” and take delight in passing a list,
The list to do is a mile long, and not a margin of error, to get a bit of it wrong!
This pattern is repeated year after year, my mind they try to cultivated, with the fertile seeds of fear.
Don’t you TRY to be different, don’t you DARE to be strange,
Remember we must always act, within a REASONABLE behaviour range!
You must hold your tongue, and you must edit your fun,
Now get your head DOWN, and get the job DONE!
Stuff you I thought, you can say what you like,
In my own little world, I’m out peddling my bike,
Down the lanes, through the trees, with the wind in my hair,
You can say what you like, but I really don’t care,
You’re uptight, you can’t see and your focus is out,
And I really won’t listen, no matter how loud you shout,
You can screw your face up, and you can act really mean,
But I’ll ALWAYS be the girl…. who
Dares to dream



My dreaming has always caused problems for those that have tried to "teach" me. Maybe it was because their reasons for teaching me were wrong?

Kia Jones

Kia Jones

DECEMBER 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
A spiritualist a dreamer an abuse survivor. Somebody that believes in the intangible, the impossible and the incredible strength and resilience of the spirit.

Writing saved my mind 🙂
Kia Jones

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