The Grace and The Gamble, poetry by Richard LeDue at
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The Grace and The Gamble

The Grace and The Gamble

written by: Richard LeDue



My poker chips covered in dust,
while I try to reframe stumbling,
almost falling up some steps
just from walking into a store
as a sort of life affirming metaphor,
even if I know the bet is bad-
always was, always will be,
yet I keep going:
my feet trying to remember games
of tag or hide and seek,
when running wasn’t only part of survival,
while too many moments are spent
letting words trip over each other
like race horses who end up
with broken legs,
bringing a dark consolation to some,
who won’t admit it
and never seem to win
on those grey hair afternoons,
where the promise of the grace and the gamble
slipped away, like all our years ago.

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