The Last Leaf Falls written by Nicole Cheng at

The Last Leaf Falls

The Last Leaf Falls

written by: Nicole Cheng



The bloody blade is in my hand,
Prepare for it to enter in my heart.
There is no shield; I cannot defend,
Blood and tears mixed from the start.
Trying not to think about it,
It’s so convoluted; I cannot fight.
Losing my mind in the bottomless pit,
Losing my sanity in my own sight.
Going insane; I have gone mad,
Already realizing what this means.
No romance, no love, no hope; so sad
That no one’s there for me in my dreams.
Someone please help me answer my calls
Before the very last winter leaf falls.

Where is my Prince Charming?
Where is my heart and soul?
Where is he to stop my self harming?
Where is he to avert my lost control?
I need him to heal what is broken
Within me from high to low.
I need a happy ending to happen
So I can live inside a photo.
Alas, there is no man there for me,
Something continues to lose its beat.
My heart cuts open and begins to bleed,
Keep bleeding until I cannot breathe.
Help me, help me, please save my life
Before the very last leaf falls in strife.

I cannot live without any love,
Or else the dagger enters my heart;
The rope constricts as I hang above;
The concrete ground breaks me apart;
The metal blade slices my veins;
Water enters and fills my lungs;
Throat and wrists loses blood in pain;
I’d do anything until Death comes.
I cannot continue to stay alive,
Not unless there is someone
Who will lead me up to the sky
And send me all the love undone.
I need someone to heal and unbreak me
Before the last leaf falls from the dying tree.

I love you too much to lose you,
Even though you never love me back.
I would do anything for you, yes I do;
For you, I’d give myself a fatal heart attack.
I’ll pull the trigger through my head;
I’ll leap out of the building’s rooftop;
Yes, for you I will make my own death bed
And there is nothing for me to stop.
Sorry darling, but I can’t live any longer;
If only you would love me the same.
I know you’d want me to be stronger
Alas, I couldn’t. Please, remember my name
As the girl who has died with a broken heart
When the last leaf has fallen and broken apart.

The walls are already collapsing,
Everything has been set into flames,
I guess this means it’s finally happening:
The bloody waterfall is flowing in shame.
I have lost the battlefield,
I have lost my faith and hope,
It is time for me to reveal
That I can’t live on with no heart and soul.
It is time for me to die,
I am going to die with a sad fate.
It is time for me to say goodbye.
At least I can finally escape.
My suicide has finally happened…
And the very last leaf has already fallen.

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