The Ledger, dark poetry written by Fallen Engel at

The Ledger

The Ledger

written by: Fallen Engel



Who made you keeper of the Ledger
To tell us how to live and die without pleasures
From my perspective, your actions are so elusive
All this suffering and hopeless amnesia
The sun taunts you endlessly
And I dream of an escape
Before my eventful fall
The cracks are starting to rupture prematurely
You are in utter distress with your veins wide open
Your blood runs like an ocean to the awaiting shore
Hide your pain behind your smile, I can see the emptiness
And the denial. Your mask is rotting and I am hoping that your soul will soon decay.
The universe hides in us all, so all your presence is known. What kind of Abstract Eden
Do you own? That beautiful place of enchantment or that hideous
Wormhole that vicious souls’ troll.

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