The Pines and The Grackles, a poem by Don Knowles at
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The Pines and The Grackles

The Pines and The Grackles

written by: Don Knowles



A flock nestled in our Scottish Pines today
Hordes of cackling Grackles resting on resin oozed branches
Chattering about weather concerns
Blustering about their empty stomachs
Our pines are a reminder of their nesting places
Cupped and well woven
Tucked away in the sticky arched branches
Our pines are towering and enticing to all fowl
Some would stay but for the waning winds of winter
Magnetically they are drawn to warmer days
They titter and flit popping between sagging limbs
Then in a flurry they fly
Flocking to flight from a sounding signal
I could only hear the rain then
Drips tip the edge of blue glazed flower pot
Safe travels I say in my foreign tongue
In unison they reply
Till next year



Bird populations are devastated. Please be mindful during migration season and spread some seed and keep fresh water if you are on a migratory path.

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