The Price, poetry written by Gerry Stefanson at


The Price

written by: Gerry Stefanson



like all devices
whether food services shelter health clothing, transport.
a number – an exchange – trade of values.
whether sought- requested enforced bartered demanded required, desired.
a term – conditions – mutual agreement (we hope).
possibly fair, probably not,
when poverty holds your hand, you travel together.
choice determined mainly by the most immediate demand,
hunger, safety,
drop all thought of the then,
for survival of the here and now.

like all devices,
thought and planning gone,
hope and dreams wreck on rocks of despair.
where your fate is held by mercy of another.
when ever poverty strikes,
The Price of Anything – always too expensive.

choice crumbles,
all is more than payment is available.
then trade in morals may prove the price.
Like all devices.



Passages series photography by Kumiko Hawkes – Shizen Photography

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