The Reward Scale, a poem by Mirvat Manal at
Anika Huizinga

The Reward Scale

The Reward Scale

written by: Mirvat Manal



Will this place be our only heaven?
Have I sinned for asking this?
I try to maintain my balance on my daily tightrope walks,
Even as I’m being bombarded with righteous and opinion-filled arrows,
Herding me to submit in prescriptive servitude.
Since I’m temping here, I also sought after a self-indulgent euphoric peace, just in case.
Watching my custom-made scale,
I pray that I’ve accumulated enough afterlife tokens,
Hopefully enough to exchange for a plot of land
Near a heavenly river.
I’m just an audience member standing way at the back,
With a one in a million chance of being called up
To experience “The Great Grand Thing.”
It’s all a seemingly impossible treasure hunt,
Simplistically displayed, it’s still hard to find my place even with the directions at hand.
Was it the first right before the dead end?

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