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The Storm

written by: Cass Wilson


The battle persists
The deathless tug of war between head and heart; her soul, the rope
Weary, she closes her eyes and listens to the distant rumblings of thunder
The primordial ebb and flow of the wind whispers to her
Chanting her name
Lightening ignites the darkness
Illuminating her in the afterglow
Shivers pinprick a constellation onto her skin
Primal fires colour her body in hues of red and black
Lividity, her war paint
The wind, her salvation
Heart pounding tribal beats against her chest
Rain drumming a thunderous backdrop to the primitive cadence
She raises her face to the stinging onslaught of icy droplets hurtling from Valhalla
She raises her arms above her head, fists clenched
Muscles taut
Teeth bared
Within the tempest of the storm
She is reborn

Cass Wilson

Cass Wilson

I am an amateur poet from the UK
Cass Wilson

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