The Summer I Turned Pretty, poetry by Kriti Nayyar at

The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty

written by: Kriti Nayyar



It was like any other summer
Yet! It felt different
The sun I remember clearly
Rose from the east as usual
But it felt warmer!
The sunflowers were in full bloom
As they should be!
But they seemed happy
As if they have found a direction
The hummingbirds hummed the same tune
But my feet felt lighter whilst dancing to it
Colourful butterflies on my window sill
But I felt the flutter in my stomach
Everything was same yet so distinctive
May be because my vision changed
Searching beauty outside of me
My eyes for the very first time
Saw beyond the veil of expectations
The glorious miracle standing in the mirror
And that is the summer I turned pretty!

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