The Visitor, a short story by Jennifer Geer at
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The Visitor

The Visitor

written by: Jennifer Geer


As the Lady sat down to write, she thought to herself “Will you come tonight?” Mechanically she began typing, “She would if she could, but she can’t, so she won’t!”

Re-reading that line it suddenly flew out of her head and smashed against her office door, breaking like a Golden Goose egg spilling precious letters of the alphabet across the floor. They began rolling on the beige tile until they landed against the Lady’s dark mahogany antique hutch in her foyer. She knew she should have been on her knees, on the floor, trying desperately to put them back into her head. She mentally scrapped them up off the tile floor.

Once they were back in place, words logged permanently in her mind, she sat, determined to start again. The lady stared at what she had written. She quickly deleted it and looked back at the blank page. Assignment one…Well, that was a start at least. Maybe she should write about NOT writing, “That was a thought,” she liked it and the words began to flow.

Yes, she COULD do this. She could write. Her fingers were tapping furiously on the keyboard until her assignment was finished. A smile of complete and utter satisfaction was plastered all over the lady’s face.

Yes, you did come tonight; hopefully, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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