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There’s Nothing Wrong with Feeling Good

There’s Nothing Wrong with Feeling Good

written by: Mike Ricketts


There’s nothing wrong with feeling good,
with feeling bright and happy.
So why when I feel like this,
the bloke at work is snappy?

He often tries to put me down
When I am feeling high,
and he always says my great ideas
are just pies up in the sky.

Now there’s another guy a few desks from mine
who’s often full of praise.
He’s bright and cheerful, positive
and dreams of happy days.

He gets things done and keeps his promise
he always keeps his word,
Whereas the other guy spends his time
keeping his work deferred.

He smiles at you on Monday
and Tuesday blanks you out.
He tells your friend a lie about you
and makes them scream and shout.

I’m sure you’ve met guys like this
and some women too
Just give these fellows a wide berth
They’re not so good for you

Some say the glass is half empty,
Some say the glass is half full.
Some say the world is ugly
Some say it’s beautiful

I say when you get up in the morning
You have to set your sight
on being very positive
and making things go right.

So do forget the naysayers
and flourish and prosper too.
I hope this little message
Communicates to you.

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