Adam's Ale, a poem by Deepthy Ajith K at
Mandy Choi

Adam’s Ale

Adam’s Ale

written by: Introverted Thoughts


Hoarse visions and misty revolutions –
Shrivelled, turbid and warm,
Drip down civilization’s neck,
Littering mausoleums
Of forgotten gold and silver.

Cruelty sweet and apathy sour,
Flow out of these
Crusty cracks and ivory paths
Handcrafted to perfection, so
They may yield the curves of withered lives.

Placid as a water mirror
And sharp as forgotten promises,
These breaths of old,
Scatter the winds
To whispered worlds of tranquillity.

Fallen at the altar of apathy,
Souls depart in search
Of emerald worlds,
Hoping refuge is safeguarded
By beings who emulate Adam’s ale.

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