Thought Fall, poetry by Maggie O'Brien at

Thought Fall

Thought Fall

written by: Maggie O’Brien



A biting chill sparks my mind
That then lights the fuse of creepers that wind
Blazing burnished orange and reds
Throughout the many flowerbeds.
Over me, a childhood, paintbox-blue sky lingers
Backdropping autumnal, enmeshed fingers
Of branches, long bedecked in summer leaf-greens
Dressed now in dappled ochres, (and all shades in-between)
Flames of colour set alight
Heart and garden in dancing sunlight.

This glorious canvas (subtly encroaching
on thoughts of winter slowly approaching)
Is painted by brushstrokes of unseen hand
Every touch perfect; not one planned
It spells me. It tells me
(As if I don’t know)
It’s soon to be whitewashed
In depiction of snow

Some leaves tumble
Others futter and fly
Like each thought that defined me
In this year gone by.

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