Thoughts Through The Veil, poem by Rukhsana Ahmed at
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Thoughts Through The Veil

Thoughts Through The Veil

written by: Rukhsana Ahmed



O how I yearn, I could see beyond
Those raven eyes, the piercing look:
I feel a deep desire to uncover you;
I can only imagine
What beauty may lie beneath your veil
I dare not this deed be done
To lift your sacred garb,
Your ticket to heaven;
It may roar the flames of hell
For revealing to the world
What splendour you are hiding

Standing tall, head held high
In confident pose and pompous poise
Your feminine figure covered in cloak
It gives me the shivers,
To portray what lies behind:
Rosy cheeks and a magical smile
An aquiline nose and full lips,
Sculptured curves with shapely hips
A silky skin it must be
Soft to touch, velvety to feel
Devoid of sun, it might be pale
Long wavy hair, draping down
Is it black or is it brown?
Whatever colour I wouldn’t frown
If it is shown I dread, I might drown

Should you be with body bare
My thoughts may not care
While passing to stop and stare;
For curiosity comes creeping through
When your form in burqa you cover
With the light shining like a beam of laser
The hologram I see is an image unclear;
O how I fear, Purdah don as a wear
For it begets my chauvinist mind to go wild!

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