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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

written by: Eric Shelman


Groundhog’s predictions
winter weather, winter’s
end, shadow or not

Phil, the groundhog comes
Out from hole, Punxsutawney
Pennsylvania, state

February second
Gobbler’s knob, Punxsutawney
Pennsylvania, shadow, not

Badger and groundhog
waiting rodent’s forecast
seasons continue, or end

Original holiday called Candlemas Day
Used a badger seeing its shadow or
Not, predicting second winter, or
Deeming spring equinox
Hedgehogs, badgers were replaced by
Germany’s Candlemas Day, came to the U.S. because it was not native to eastern North America
Arrived and altered in America

Atmospheres airy accuracy, once
Bad weather, burrow, barometer, broadcast
Chilly, climate, cloudy, cold, conditions
Celsius, centigrade, chill, circulation,
climate, climb out, cloudy, cold front,
color condensation, conditions,
conversion, Cumulus, cyclical
Degrees, density, detection, dew, disruption
Emerge, early spring, environment, erupt,
February, foretell, forcast, Fahrenheit,
flurries, frost, freezing, fog, front
Groundhog, gage, ground, gusty
Hibernate, hole, holiday, hedgehog, hail
harbinger, hibernal, humidity, heat
Imaginative, impact, influence, instruction
instruments, inversion, Isobar, Isotherm
January, jet stream, judgment
Look out, late spring, latitude, longitude
lightening, liquid
Mammal, marmot, meteorology, mild, myth
measurement, melt, Mercury,
meteorology mist, moisture
Natural, nature, normal
Omen, ominous, observation, Occluded front, Occlusion, Ozone
Punxsutawney Phil, Pennsylvania, portend
predictions, particles, precipitation
prediction, pressure, prevailing
Quests, questionings, quickly, quiet
Rodent, retreat, radar, rain, rainbow,
reflection, regional
See, second, sunny, shadow, sign, signal,
sprung, stormy, story, six weeks,
saturation scale, scientific, scientists,
seasonal, sentinel, severe, snow, squall
Temperatures, tunnel, thaw, thermometer
Underground, upwind
Vapor, veer, velocity, vernal
Warm, warn, warning, watch, weather
winter, woodchuck, whistlepigs
Zephyr, zone

Singing, praising, worshiping, Phil
the groundhog, harbinger
awaiting his wonderful predicting skill
ceremoniously celebrating its decision
by their arbiter

Groundhog Day
Groundhogs weather predictions
He sees his shadow or not
Awaiting him to rise up
Winter’s continuation, Spring’s beginning

celebrated ceremoniously year

climate staying

There was once a badger who foretold
Winter Solistice’s end, Spring Equinox
beginning gold
became a ground hog once in America
predicting either six more weeks of
winter, esoterica
or Spring’s beginning, by seeing its
shadow or not, behold.

Eric Shelman

Eric Shelman

Eric Shelman began writing poetry shortly after reading Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven and also his mother read to him all the time as well. Has been writing poetry for more than 18 years now. He writes all sorts of poetic forms and even ones he merged together and made up.
Eric Shelman

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