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Love Turned Her Back

Love Turned Her Back

written by: TJ Brooks



Love turned her back on me
Her promise of warmth and comfort
Lost to the cold, cruel reality of solitude
While I lay broken in pieces at her feet
She soars above me flaunting everything I was denied
Spouting ‘I love you’ from pent-up lips
With the same emotion as ‘Have a nice day’

Love turned her back on me
And I wear her blindfold still
For the fire she ignited can not completely be quenched
The memory of her hands holding my heart
Seared into my very soul
My fantasies laid bare for all to see
Love turned her back on me
No matter how badly I want her to turn around
Love left me behind
But hope has not


When love leaves you behind, hope helps you move forward. A personal poem of my own journey.

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