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I Cannot Stand Still

I Cannot Stand Still

written by: Shawntelle Moncy



I am growing impatient, too ambitious for my own good.
I cannot stand still.
I can no longer sleep because I would rather see the stars.
I cannot watch T.V, I’d rather write words.
I cannot stay at home all day; I’d rather be in an unknown place.
I cannot live by routine; I’d rather learn at a spontaneous pace.
I cannot be told how to behave; I’d rather learn by mistake.

I need to stay up late because no good memories ever came from good sleep.
I must taste new wines, smell new scents, learn new languages, swim new waters, walk new trails.
I must constantly be discovering.
I cannot watch a minute pass in dissatisfaction of my day.
I can no longer compromise for laziness, I must move with noise.
Because our days are limited… short.
Because what would you be if you were penniless?
What else would you crave?
Because I see the world in pictures.
Pictures to capture my soul.
Pictures I wish to be beautiful and chaotic.

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