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Tillandsia Town

written by: Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella



In the gloaming,
ghosts skeptical of new blood watch in silent judgment
but leave me alone.

I wander in circles squared and linger beneath live oaks;
pressing hands to absorb their magic, ear to trunk listening to tales of liquid and sails,
past lives breathing through branches.

This Tillandsia town;
the humid air forever tangling its secrets
in long cascades of curls.

I ask to gather such fodder and light a friendly fire to smoke out the prisoner inside,
forever tilling the soil of soul, and offer a drink from fortune fountain’s lip
to water what is parched and ready to bloom.

Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella

Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella

Courtney Trowman is a writer, dancer, actor, artist, hippie, yogi, world traveler, music whore, tattoo collector, book nerd, dork in general, Superhero!
Courtney Trowman aka CC Bella

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