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written by: Rebellion Girl



Were it not to be afraid
I would have come, I would have said.
Was I meant to be the one?
I realize now, this one mistake:
I did not speak then, as I ought
I chose to hide as I should not.
I had you then – besottedly.
I dulled my mind but would not show.
It comes at once and blindingly,
It pulls your heart unwillingly.
To love, I know is not a shame:
To hide that love, there lies the blame.
So tragically my heart remains
With you from then, till now, to end.
The worst is not, you see my love,
That tears and pain may burden me.
But should you vow to come again,
With love to pledge, unhindered still:
I wonder as I write this day:
Would I impart all this in me?
And dare, such trust – this heart- with thee?

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