L'Affaires Du Coeur written by Rebellion Girl at Spillwords.com

L’Affaires Du Coeur


written by: Rebellion Girl



A memory – a smile
A thought – a remark
A daydream – a sigh
An impression on the heart.

A paper, a pen
A symbol, a word
A feeling embossed
An expression of the heart.

A whisper, aloud
A silence, a sound.
Your countenance reveals,
An emotion of the heart.

A movement, a stare
A touch, lightly dared.
A longing inspired,
An affection of the heart.
A hunger aroused
A need so unbound.
A moment alone,
A desire of the heart.

A woman, a man
A mystery design:
A measure of time
No manner confined
So aptly define:
Affaires of the heart.

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