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Unfiltered Smiles

Unfiltered Smiles

written by: Natalia Aeschliman



In every conversation
It’s always missed
Everyone talks about grandeur
About that eternal bliss
Of having it all
So many empty conversations
Of what wasn’t
And what could’ve been
I’ve had the grandeur they speak off
Everything at my fingertips
Empty times those were
Where in order to find myself
I let it slip through my empty hands
And when you let go of everything
When you are surrounded by nothing
Then that’s where it all makes sense
That moment
That silence
That I have nothing
Yet I feel complete
Like rain slipping through empty spaces
Empty hands
Empty space
Yet so content
Non existing
But so radiant
They cannot fathom the truth
Conversations of jobs
Goal, money, sex
All the same, spoken in different mouths
Yet I want more
More than anyone can give
I want that spot in the soul
Where you don’t dare to dig
What makes you cringe
What makes you crave
What makes you angry
What turns you away
The truth, the non filtered smiles
The heavy tears
Yet I still remain
Calm, still
Surrounded by nothing
Yet completely full…

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