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A Wife In Politics

written by: Thomas Park



I can be a little shy
Of few words at first
But take my wife. . .

The Mrs. is a success
In local politics
Knows policy, trend, and tendency

She rubs elbows with
The figures you see on tv, on the internet

She's pleased to meet you, and
Shows a side more strategic
Than at home--

An agenda, that's ok to have in a public game
A stance, allies, enemies
It's fine to take your money and use it

Though I miss her
While she's out campaigning
I remind myself she's helping her community

Opening eyes to the problems outside
Smiling broadly
Shaking hands

There she is on the internet--
That's my wife, successful local politician

Will you smile, as well?

Thomas Park

Thomas Park

Thomas Park is a multi-disciplinary artist living with his wife and 2 cats in Saint Louis, Missouri.
A big poetic inspiration is Philip Levine with his works that pay tribute to hard-working people. Thomas would like to follow in Mr. Levine's footsteps.
Thomas Park

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