Unspoken Words, a poem written by Jill Tait at Spillwords.com
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Unspoken Words

Unspoken Words

written by: Jill Tait


Lost is the voice
Gone so long ago
No way of communication
How I miss our chats you know

You are lost in your bubble
Trapped in that vacant look
I visit you endlessly
But you are like an unread book

Strokes have broken your dignity
Completely changed who you are
As you stare with no emotion
I am left with your memoir

Do you know I am your daughter
I doubt whether you do
Am I just another face you
never think about
I believe that this is true

Poor Mother you are unaware
Of the sadness that I feel
There is no magic cure for this cruelty
Alas this is something time will not heal

So I will have to satisfy myself
With my memories of yesteryear
When we were all full of happiness
You and Dad were such a devoted pair

But ill health split the two of you
It dealt its fatal blow
Yet you soldiered on so gracefully
When it was my Dad’s time to go

You nursed him for too many years
This took its toll on you
All those years of dedication
Dad was lost in his little world too

I came to sit with you today
I talked as if you knew
You glanced at me and looked away
Eyes full of emptiness so blue

Health is a priceless fortune
We take for granted when we are well
Yet but only in the blink of an eye
It shatters our world like a warzone bombshell

Cherish the time you have together
Realise your years pass by so fast
Make special memories with your loved ones
Coz these are the treasures built to last…

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